Kenasshi Hair Removal Puff

Random Japanese Beauty Product Review: Kenasshi Hair Removal Puff

Every Japanese drugstore is filled with aisles of intriguing beauty tools and products, from the crazy no-way-I’m-trying-that (placenta pills, face bras, eyelid glue) to the potentially awesome (BB creams, facial massagers, steam machines), and I’m on a mission to sort the gimmicks (eye-lifting googles) from the great. Japanese women are gorgeous. I want me some of that.

From what I’ve seen, Japanese women don’t look like they have a lot of stray body hair to deal with. Either that, or they’re AWESOME at keeping it under control.

Silky smooth must be mine!

I spotted the Kenasshi Hair Removal Puff on Amazon – drawn in by that kawaii packaging, featuring an egg-shaped head person without legs whistling while she works, removing her arm hair with ease. At a bargain ¥394 (less than $5 US dollars), I figured I had nothing to lose, but a bit of unwanted fluff.

First impressions

It’s harder to judge a product when you can’t read any of the marketing material. It’s just you, the product and the awkward interactions between you as you try to figure out what the hell to do with it.

Luckily, the cute illustrations helped me out with all the instructions I needed to get started, and the re-usable clear plastic package was a plus for storage.

It feels really light and cheap in the hand.


Kenasshi Hair Removal Puff


How it works

The Japanese spiel:

“Puff hair removal all come Kenasshi” is a hair removal pad that you can feel free to turn round and round in your room. Catch unwanted hair entwined catch the high polymer (cut round destination, hair removal) pink plane to escape. Large and small particles of the double cut unwanted hair gradually thin hair, I strike from the roots. Ultrafine particle size of double glaze (gloss finish and skin skin) green surface which combined fit to the irregularities of the skin collagen. Arrange smooth rough skin and pull the skin natural luster.

And once again, with a little coherence:

The Kenasshi hair removal puff is a sponge-like egg-shaped hair removal buffer that fits nicely in your hand for easy use. On one side, the pink surface feels a little textured, and works to buff away your unwanted hair. On the other side, we have a green smooth surface, designed to make your skin glow.

Does it work?

I tried out the puff on a stubbly shin, and at first, I thought I was making some progress. So I kept going, working on my calf and further up my leg. After putting in some serious elbow grease, I ran my hand up and down the area I’d been working on….and boo. It hadn’t really worked at all.

I’ve used other buffing type hair removal products before which felt like fine grained sandpaper to the touch, whereas this puff feels pretty gutless, and proves to be so.

I gave it another shot to wow me, trying it again once the hair was a little softer and longer.

Yeah, still nothing. Back to the razor I go.

Random Japanese Beauty Product Rating: 1/5

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